Whole of Victorian Government Marginal Abatement Cost Curve

Client: Department of Energy, Land, Water and Planning (Victoria)

Scope: Whole of Victorian Government – all Departments and Agencies

Year: 2017

Challenge: As part of the State Government’s commitments under the TAKE2 Pledge, the DELWP Study aimed to understand the potential for emissions reductions across the Victorian Government, including (but not limited to): The Project involved the development of a marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) and supporting information, setting out the scale and cost of greenhouse gas abatement opportunities from the operations of the whole of Victorian Government.

FGA Role: FGA was engaged as the Technical Consultant, ensuring that the overall emissions abatement measures and project outputs are validated with engineering due-diligence for proposed emissions abatement measures. This involved working collaboratively with the State Government user groups, individual government agencies and stakeholders in the detailed review of portfolio wide energy data, site energy audits, compilation of detailed data inputs and collaboration with the Principal Consultant to develop a user friendly MACC tool suitable for business case preparation.

Outcomes: In progress.