Intelligent Water Network Large Scale Renewables

Client: Intelligent Water Network (IWN)

Location: 18 Victorian Water Corporations

Year: 2017

Challenge: The Intelligent Water Networks Program is a partnership between VicWater, 18 Victorian water corporations, and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The IWN investigates new technologies and innovations to meet common challenges such as population growth, ageing infrastructure and climate variability in a more efficient manner.

In response to the Victorian Government’s TAKE2 Pledge to tackle climate change, reduce emissions and achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the IWN has initiated an Asset Performance & Energy Optimisation Program. This Program includes feasibility assessment for shared investment across its network of Victorian Water Corporations for the deployment of large scale renewable energy installations.

FGA Role: FGA has been selected as the technical consultants to the IWN Large Scale Renewables program, working closely with the governance consultant as part of the program control group. FGA's technical role includes engagement with stakeholders from all participating IWN Water Corporations, collection of relevant energy and site data, energy analysis and modelling to determine the technical feasibility of various investment and delivery models.

Outcomes: FGA has successfully provided the technical basis for the IWN governance and commercial teams to progress the project to the next stage. The technical base provided high accuracy interval data based analysis of all Water Corporations energy profiles, aggregated IWN energy profile, engineering feasibility for large scale solar and wind installations, and staging for implementation towards the sector’s targets.