South East Water Renewable Energy

Client: South East Water

Location: Various, Melbourne, Victoria.

Year: 2016-2017

Challenge: In response to the Victorian Government's TAKE2 Pledge to tackle climate change, reduce emissions and achieve net zero emissions by 2050, South East Water initiated a series of renewable energy projects to self-generate a substantial portion of renewable energy behind the meter, across several landmark water treatment sites to meet ambitious time-constrained emission-reduction goals.

FGA Role: FGA's role included detailing the feasibility of solar photovoltaics across several key sites in the South East Water property portfolio, assessing the technical viability, financial business case, and estimated lifecycle return for solar photovoltaics across key sites. Following feasibility and concept design, FGA designed approximately 1 MW of solar for the inaugural first stage of large-scale solar investment at South East Water, and provided technical advisory services throughout the construction period, including liaison with local DNSP Ausnet to obtain relevant approvals.

Outcomes: In Construction – the solar installations are on track for completion, providing over 25% of energy requirements for the nominated sites. FGA’s designs incorporate SEW’s goals for system longevity and long-term maintenance, including high grade site-specific equipment and design standards unique to the water industry. FGA’s design approach also provides enabling works for future expansion to facilitate South East Water’s long-term vision and emissions reduction pledge.