RMIT Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility (RMMF) Electrical Upgrade

Client: RMIT University

Location: RMIT Building 14, City Campus, Melbourne, Victoria.

Year: 2016-2017

Challenge: To improve the resilience and power supply security of the RMIT’s highly specialised RMMF, and provide back-up power provision to facilitate works for the New Academic Street (NAS) and Sustainable Urban Precincts Project (SUPP), RMIT committed to upgrading the electrical infrastructure supplying the RMMF to avoid continuous power interruptions and research disruptions.

FGA Role: FGA was engaged through a competitive process to provide an innovative design solution that provides robust power supply to the RMMF within tight financial and spatial constraints of the project and facility. With UPS and back-up power generation being technically unviable, the main challenge of the project included addressing critical infrastructure and services requirements distributed across three disparate power supplies, which are all required for the ongoing continuity of the RMMF.

FGA designed an innovative solution that meticulously analysed the complex upstream and downstream electrical infrastructure at RMIT’s City Campus to identify a potential point of aggregation to consolidate all electrical supplies in a cost-effective manner. FGA engineered an elegant Automatic Transfer Switch solution with dual power supply from two separate incoming feeds to greatly enhance power supply security for the RMMF – all within tight budget and time constraints.

Outcomes: Complete – FGA’s innovative solution was successfully and fully tested in 2017, providing two robust power supplies for the RMMF facility, and avoiding arduous shut-down procedures to accommodate other major works programs across the RMIT city campus.