Department of Education Data Centre Upgrade

Client: Department of Education

Location: 55 St. Andrews, Melbourne

Year: 2016-2017

Challenge: The Department of Education Data Centre suffered from reliability issues, capacity limitations, and design constraints, which were exacerbated by poor performance from end-of-life assets. The Department of Education seized a unique opportunity to fast-track works before the pending summer – a time period when infrastructure was expected to struggle. The challenges included a difficult project time-frame, and staging complex works in a live building environment.

FGA Role: FGA was appointed to design upgrades to the critical Data Centre HVAC system, addressing numerous operational issues, and electrical capacity constraints. Through detailed site investigations and design workshops, FGA developed a sophisticated solution to augment total cooling capacity, renew end of life assets, and address site capacity constraints within tight spatial limitations.

Outcomes: Complete – FGA's innovative solution was successfully installed and fully tested in the summer of 2017 to meet stringent time requirements. The Data Centre Upgrade has future-proofed the facility to accommodate projections for growing IT infrastructure requirements, and provides seamless, reliable operation of the Data Centre at high ambient conditions, with additional redundancy.