Peninsula Health Energy Performance Contract

Client: Peninsula Health

Location: Various Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities

Year: 2016-2017

Challenge: Faced with rapidly rising utility costs, budget pressures, and aging infrastructure, Peninsula Health pursued substantive upgrades to the energy systems across its major property portfolio through a competitive Energy Performance Contract. The procurement approach of Energy Performance Contracts invites companies to provide a competitive design contest, with the most attractive design and outcomes guaranteed by the winning company.

FGA Role: FGA was appointed as the preferred Energy Services Company for all major Peninsula Health sites. As an Energy Services Company, FGA will provide turn-key engineering, project delivery, and ongoing measurement and verification of a suite of solutions. Through detailed engineering and lifecycle analyses, FGA will transition Frankston Hospital away from steam infrastructure to more modern heating systems, revamp the Building Automation System, upgrade lighting, fans and air handling systems, and install large-scale solar photovoltaics.

Outcomes: FGA is currently undertaking the Detailed Facility Study, to finalise solutions for Frankston Hospital, Rosebud Hospital, Golf Links Road, and the Mornington Centre. During the DFS, FGA will complete detailed engineering and project staging of all works, and finalise the Measurement and Verification Plan to validate savings.