Yarra City Council Solar and Battery Installation

Client: City of Yarra

Location: Various Council Facilities

Year: 2016-2017

Challenge: The City of Yarra continues to demonstrate leadership in sustainability for local government in Victoria. As further demonstration of environmental leadership, the City of Yarra is investing in solar photovoltaics with battery energy storage across Council’s top 10 largest energy consuming sites, capturing renewable energy generated during the day via Solar Photovoltaics to be utilised on site, with any excess stored in battery storage for use at night, when solar energy is no longer available.

FGA Role: FGA was engaged by the City of Yarra to provide Client-side Project Management services during the installation of over 300 kW of solar across major Council Sites. FGA’s engagement includes Project Delivery and Construction Management services to facilitate timely coordination and installation of solar and battery systems at each site.

Outcomes: Approximately 50% of the solar and battery project installations across Council Buildings are complete.