Arts Centre Melbourne Energy Audit

Client: Arts Centre Melbourne

Location: Arts Centre Complex (Theatres Building, Hamer Hall, Central Plant shared with the National Gallery of Victoria, Car Park), Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Victoria.

Year: 2016-2017

Challenge: Level 2 Energy Audit across the Arts Centre Melbourne building portfolio, providing a baseline of energy, water and waste, and identifying energy and water saving opportunities, and advice for energy benchmarking and reporting.

FGA Role: Led by FGA's Certified Energy Efficiency Leader, the team conducted extensive consultations with facility operators, walkthrough facility audits of mechanical, electrical and hydraulics services and major central plant infrastructure serving both the Arts Centre and the National Gallery. Audits and analysis included interrogation of the Building Management System, review and verification of existing site drawings, equipment schedules, current/future upgrade works, trend data, interval and billing data, and appreciation of the facility operational and heritage sensitivities.

Outcomes: FGA's Energy Audit identified over 30% in emissions reduction opportunities across the building portfolio. The Audit findings and recommendations has provided meaningful advice to optimise current operations and projects, and informs the Arts Centre Melbourne green building strategy and energy efficiency initiatives moving forward.