Federation University Mt. Helen Campus Heating Hot Water System Upgrade

Client: Federation University

Location: Mount Helen Campus, Ballarat, Victoria.

Year: 2016

Challenge: Federation University sought to undertake major asset replacement of end of life central heating hot water (HHW) infrastructure at over 5MW serving main Mt. Helen campus. The project required all upgrades to be installed during peak (teaching) periods, and to maintaining space heating services with minimal interruption during construction.

FGA Role: FGA's engineers provided a concept design with high energy efficiency options using condensing boiler technology. The design considered a system re-design with a revised de-centralised HHW system configuration, reducing the piping, reticulation and controls costs, and the ongoing maintenance burden to facilities. Project complexities included project design for staging and construction planning with progressive cutovers that would maintain services, and provide sufficient allowances for necessary maintenance and enabling works prior to construction.

Outcomes: All constructions managed and built to engineer’s specification on time/on budget, with minimal interruption to University's HHW services. Boiler Plant operating as per design, and has been shown to be reliably achieving intended outcomes, saving approximately 20% of natural gas use.