Monash University Building 15,16,18 Cooling Precinct

Client: Monash University

Location: Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Victoria.

Year: 2016-2017

Challenge: As part of the Monash University strategic asset management plan objectives to improve the operating efficiency of major mechanical assets, the renewal to the end-of-life central water cooled absorbtion chiller plant serving Building 15 was recognised as an opportunity to develop a cooling precinct, serving also the adjacent buildings.

FGA Role: FGA's role included detailed energy/operations analysis and a condition assessment of mechanical assets in the precinct (multiple chillers, pumps, piping, etc.) to determine system sizing. The design was completed in context of the lifecycle renewal opportunities for existing mechanical assets, opportunity to move away from cooling towers, and consideration for foreseeable future expansions and space use changes.

Outcomes: In Construction –the cooling precinct is progressing on time and on budget, and is expected to achieve over 50% operational cost savings as compared to the existing distributed chilled water system.